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Hello, everyone! I started fosterfaces.blog for anyone that's looking for a quick update about things that's going on in the welfare system. If you think I'm missing anything or have any suggestion on what I should include in the blog please use the contact form below.

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Everyday Is An Interview

Mario Mclean is a foster youth that aged out of care who uses his voice and knowledge to transform the Welfare system. He wrote a book called Everyday is an Interview, and I must say it's a really good book because I have the book sitting in my bookcase. Mario McLean has done a good job at keeping his readers interested because he gives readers an in-depth look into his life as a foster youth. Support Mario McLean, and buy Everyday is an Interview. It would be the best $20 you ever spent.

Wisconsin First Ever Leadership Corp Meeting

Hello! Come and join us for the first ever NFYI meeting here in Milwaukee, WI October 14, 2017, at UW-Milwaukee in room 164. If you or someone you know was in care or still is, and want to make a difference in the foster care system on a national level, well now it might be your chance to do so. If you have any questions or concerns please use the contact form below or email me at isaiahkirkland63@gmail.com. Please click the link above or fill out the form below to reserve a seat.